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Terms & Conditions

Fare Bubble is the leading travel agency that strives to make flight reservation process easy. This website is built to bring affordable offers on air tickets for travelers. If you are planning an itinerary and willing to use this website, you agree to follow the terms and conditions mentioned herein. The terms and conditions are associated with all transactions you make on this website. The website is operated by Fare Bubble and provides you all the details and services you need to make flight reservations.

Before using any services on this website, we advise you to read the terms and conditions thoroughly. You should use this website only if you agree to these terms and conditions. If you don’t agree to the terms and conditions, then you must not access the services offered by Fare Bubble.

These Terms of Use

The third-party products (if available on Fare Bubble) are provided by independent travel agents and such products are obliged by the conditions imposed by those third party. All the information on this website is provided for assisting travelers to learn more about travel-related services and goods. You are advised to read all the terms and conditions carefully before utilizing this website. If you do not accept the terms and conditions, we advise you should not use this website.

Changes to Terms of Use

Fare Bubble reserves all the rights to modify and update these terms of use from time to time. The changes will be effective immediately when posted and apply to all access and use of the website. This is why we advise you to read the terms and conditions carefully before accessing any service on this website. By continuously using this website, you agree to modified terms and conditions. Keep checking this page to stay updated about the amended terms of use.

Using the Services Provided by Fare Bubble

You may utilize this website according to the laws as applied and legitimate purposes only. If you agree to these terms and conditions, we grant you non-exclusive license to access and make use of this website if you shall not:

  • Use this website in unlawful purpose or share any material (i) in an offensive manner, (ii) is in breach of policy and any third party rights such as trademark, copyright, and intellectual property rights, (iii) is transmitted and shared for the intention of promotion of third party or yourself.

  • Use the website in a way that may bring Fare Bubble into disrepute or for commercial purpose and causing harm to it.

  • Use any software that may cause harm to the website.

  • Sell, copy, distribute and lend the content of this website for personal interest.

  • Obstruct or utilize the services of Fare Bubble that could damage, harm or disable our systems and security with our users.

  • Alter, remove or replace the business name, logos or other designations of origin on Fare Bubble.

  • Introduce any span attack, virus, denial of service, worm, or software lock that cause harm to this website.

Whenever you use the services or features of the website that require signing up or login account and password, you accept your responsibility to keep all your details, passwords, and login id secure. If you become aware of any unauthorized use of your login details, please let us know as soon as possible.

Fare Bubble does not deliver the services for children under 13 years of age and no information is provided for the children under 13 years on this website. We never collect details from children of 13 years. If in case we receive information from the children under 13 years, we will remove it immediately from our database in accordance with our privacy policy.

Sharing Details with Fare Bubble

We take personal details and privacy seriously in accordance with the applicable data laws. Please NOTE all the details you share with us may be used in accordance with our privacy policy. Be sure to share accurate and up-to-date details for the sole purpose of making the booking by following privacy policy and terms and conditions described on this website.

Fare Bubble allows you to share a post or make use of information, images, videos, and other details with Fare Bubble users and you agree that:

  • You will not share and post anything that you are not allowed. You are solely responsible for uploading the user content.

  • You are not obliged to retain, publish, and store any user content that you uploaded. You can create backups of such user content if required.

Fare Bubble’s Property

All the property right or proprietary rights of the website and its entire features, business name, content, database rights, design rights, patents, trade secrets, and trademarks are owned by Fare Bubble and its licensors. Please acknowledge that you will not acquire any right by using this website of Fare Bubble and its products. You further acknowledge that you have no rights to access such properties without the written permission of Fare Bubble.

Other People’s Property

Fare Bubble respects the intellectual rights of others and strives to protect them in the best possible way. We request you to send a written notification of infringement if you believe your copyright is being breached by our content or services.

Price Accuracy and Warranty Disclaimer

You use this website on your risk and no one is liable for any loss, and damage you may face by using this website. We have strict norms for price accuracy with all the partners, who are responsible for providing travel data to us and ensure that the content displayed on our website is updated and accurate. However, we cannot guarantee the reliability of such content.

Whether it is the course of dealing, performance and accuracy, we provide services on ‘as is’ basis and disclaim all the conditions, warranties and guarantee of any kind. We do not make representations and guarantee that services on this website are complete, accurate, will always be available, meet your needs and expectations, are secure and free from errors, faults, viruses, defects, inaccuracies, and are updated.

Making Reservations through Fare Bubble

Fare Bubble is the flight search platform and not responsible for price, refund, and cancellation of any travel option displayed on this website. We do not have any right to control or set the prices displayed on our website. Third-party agents set all the prices and we have no control over them. We are working 24 hours a day to facilitate reservations with travel operators.

However, we are not responsible for any loss and damage you may face due to making use of this website. The terms and conditions of concerned travel agents are applicable to your booking with them. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of those service providers thoroughly before making reservations.

By making a booking, you accept all the terms and conditions set by those travel service providers. You must accept that breaking the travel operators’ terms could result in cancellation of booking, other benefits, and additional charges.

Limitations and Exclusions to Liability

Fare Bubble is not responsible for any agreement you make with any third party through this website. If you face any issue related to making reservations or attempting to make a booking on this website, you should resolve such issues including refund and cancelation with the concerned travel agent, as it is the sole remedy in such situations.

If you find any link or resources provided by the third-party sites on this website, you are advised to use those links for the reference or informational purposes only. We do not take responsibility for any loss and damage you may face due to such sites, as we do not control the content on these sites.

You may also find advertising materials submitted by third party on this website and accept that Fare Bubble is responsible for those materials including inaccuracy, errors, and omission therein.

Your Liability to Us

You will be liable to us for all the actions, costs, claims, damages, proceedings, expenses and losses incurred by Fare Bubble, its officers, directors, and agents in any way related to your access to this website or breach of terms and conditions described herein.


Fare Bubble reserves all the rights to eliminate any agreement or services immediately without giving any prior notice in its discretion. We also have rights to restrict you from using the account you are having with us by canceling your membership. We can also prevent you from accessing your account by removing any user content you have uploaded to this website. We may suspend your account or services without any prior notice. For instance, we may prevent you from uploading any user content on the Fare Bubble.

General Provisions

You acknowledge that permanent damage and injury caused to Fare Bubble or its affiliates due to unauthorized use for which money damage would not be sufficient, we will consider a legal remedy. Fare Bubble has all the rights to seek an immediate injunction against you and prohibit your further use of the website in the event of such unauthorized use.

These terms and conditions is the evidence of the entire agreement between you and us. We may replace any or all arrangements, agreements, terms and conditions in respect of your use of this website. You need our written permission if you want to assign these terms and conditions to any third party, as this agreement is personal to you.

We will take immediate action to any infringing user content of these terms and conditions. Please contact us immediately if you believe or suspect any illegal activities belonging to you have been breached.


If you want to know more about our services and this website, feel free to contact us. You can also contact us at any time for suggesting how we can improve our services.

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