In order to avoid any fraudulent transaction against the company and the actual card holder we may request you to provide a photo id for billing address verification and an authorization form in which the card holder duly fills in the payment information and signs the document to authorize a payment transaction. In some extreme cases where we doubt the fraudulent transaction we may ask you to share front copy of card (with last 4 digits hidden/masked) & back copy of card (with CVV hidden/masked).

Documents need to be sent to

The reason to ask for above information could be one out of ( but not limited to ) – 3rd party transaction, High volume transactions, Urgent travel or travel within certain number of days (varies from booking to booking), Cards not issued in United states or High risk transactions (a destination with a historic trend of fraud transactions). Another reason could be that sometimes our automatic payments authenticator is not able to verify all information provided and hence we need more information to verify the authenticity of the credit card.

This is done in order to safeguard the credit card holder and to avoid any fraudulent transaction against the company.

Please note that you always have the right to cancel the reservation in case you do not wish to send the documents. There will be no service charges or fee deducted for cancellation in such a scenario.