Fare Bubble’s Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is the agreement that describes how you are secure with Fare Bubble and the services offered by it. This page of privacy policy keeps you aware of how Fare Bubble assists you in reserving a flight tickets by using your personal details. This section also clarifies what data we gather from you and how we use it.

We aim at serving you with secure booking options and this privacy policy makes you aware of how we gather your information, why we collect it and why we use it. This section describes who can utilize your information. We recommend you to check the policies thoroughly before utilizing our services.

Prior to continuing, you will be interested to know how this website works for you. Here is what you will get by using services at Fare Bubble:

Your Information is Safe

We ensure all the information you share is protected with us, as customer’s security and satisfaction is our foremost.

You are Allowed to Manage Your Account

You reserve all the rights to manage your account with enhanced security. You can make changes to your profile and use it according to your specific and preferred travel needs.

You Get 24/7 Customer Support from Our Experts

Our team of experts is proactively working round-the-clock to assist you with all queries you may have with reservation process. You can get in touch with them whenever you get your issues related to your travel needs.

Zero Uncertainties

We ensure no uncertainties can create trouble for you. We display all the policies to make sure you feel secure while using Fare Bubble’s services.

What information do we collect?

Each individual, who avails our site and its services, requirements to give precise and important information needed to reserve flights. However, we gather the main information to make reservations that you have requested for.

Why And How We Use Your Personal Information?

We always look for your consent prior to utilizing your information. We utilize this data to execute the services you have mentioned for. We utilize your data if required to conform to legitimate commitments and rights. Please acknowledge the information you provide can be utilized for the business purposes explained in this policy.

How Long Do We Store Your Information?

We save your information as long as it is required for reservations or legal purposes. Keep in mind that we make sure your information stay anonymized or erased it once the booking is affirmed. We utilize your data for the purpose you share it with us. You have all the rights to request us to eliminate your data from our database whenever you want.

When We Share Your Information with Third Party

We don't share your data without seeking your permission whether it is for the reservation you want or to utilize it for legal purposes. The service providers can gather your information with their own policies to accomplish your travel needs. Your information will be gathered by the third-party that promotes their services on our site. Moreover, the service providers that help us to meet your requests will gather and utilize your information.

How We Keep Your Information Secure

Fare Bubble promises to meet your needs and travel desires in a secure way. That’s why we implement the best possible strategies and effective solutions to keep your data safe, as keeping your information secure is main objective.

Where Your Information Will Be Stored

Your data will be stored securely in our database. We endeavor to offer better assistance based on the location from where you are accessing our site. That’s why we store your information in our database to improve our services and bring you the better version of us.

Does Fare Bubble use cookies?

Indeed, Fare Bubble utilizes cookies and similar software to fulfill your needs with no hurdles. We strive to bring you customized and enhanced services that meet your travel needs.

Your Rights

If you are having an account with Fare Bubble, you will reserve the rights to get to, edit, remove, and download your own information that is related with your profile at any time. You can contact the travel experts at Fare Bubble whenever you want and get your issues resolved in no time. You can get in touch with us through our toll-free number and you can drop an email to us.

Contact Us

Fare Bubble is the leading platform that makes your flight reservation process easy and secure. Whatever you may have in your mind, feel free to contact us immediately.